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Asian Sports Academy

Games and sports play a pivotal role in one’s life. Asian World School has taken special care to plan its building and layout in such a way that considerable amount of land is set apart for play which include outdoor sports, indoor sports and activities.

Virtual Learning Program

At Asian World School, we understand that an efficient learning experience requires totally different sets of strategies. The facilitators designed concrete strategies to make virtual learning environment productive.

Online Learning
Online Education

Integrated Learning Program

At Asian World School we believe in building a foundation for students with an approach which helps them in choosing a path for their future. It means providing them with an academic structure required to excel in competitive examinations.

Asian Outreach Group

Asian Outreach Group is an initiative of students, parents, teachers, and other active members of society whose aim is to build a sustainable ecosystem through active contribution in social, economic, and environmental development.

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School is a place where a child spends most of his/her childhood. It is where he/she makes new friends, learns new ideas, goes through new experiences and creates a way of life that he/she is comfortable living in. A school therefore must be a place where your child feels secure and free, to grow into a healthy and happy human being.

Asian Word School is an extraordinary center for learning. It’s an institution where children can blossom to their potential by using all the available facilities, learning all kinds of life lessons and experiences that help in shaping their personalities and their future.

 Admissions Open: Pre - Nursery To Grade XII

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