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The curriculum is designed to make learning an enjoyable experience. The curriculum at Asian World School draws from the latest researches in field of education integrating it with elements of joy and enquiry. The core components of our curriculum are:

  1. The intellectual development of the child – helping the child to learn ‘how to learn’

  2. The social and emotional development of the child – helping him / her to become an independent and caring individual.

  3. The aesthetic development of the child – giving the child ample opportunities to enjoy and appreciate art and music.

  4. The physical development of the child – helping the child to develop his gross motor and fine motor skills.

  5. The intrinsic development of the child – helping him to emerge as a confident and balanced individual.

Students study the national curriculum of CBSE. It is a comprehensive curriculum that provides broad based education where students study Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies and Sciences besides Creative and Performing Arts. The CBSE curriculum inculcates diligence and application-based learning. The students are taken towards excellence through theory, experiments, project work, guest lectures and field trips. The school follows the three-language formula till grade 8 and offers English, Hindi and a choice between French and Sanskrit. In grades 9 & 10 students study English and pick the second language from amongst Hindi, French and Sanskrit. In grades 11 and 12 we offer the students a choice amongst Science, Commerce and Humanities with the following subject choices.

Age criteria for admission:

 Admissions Open: Pre - Nursery To Grade XII

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